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Simulation modelling and analysis in today's competitive market is gaining importance as a "Decision making tool" for making better decision faster.
Simulation of your existing or proposed system will help you cost-justify your decision to improve the productivity of your system. Advanced computer simulation modelling is the economical decision-making tool that allows you to understand and visualize the effects of change and the resulting costs prior to implementation. The increasingly competitive nature of today's business and manufacturing environment demands agile, just-in-time production and supply chain systems. SNIC, India's expertise in simulation design helps clients meet those demands.
SNIC, India's "best in class" simulation modelling and analysis methodology helps you with:
Capital equipment justification
Effects of downtimes and setup times
Flexible automation decisions
Just-in-time implementation
Lean manufacturing applications
Make versus Buy decisions
Material handling equipment selection
Manpower requirement analysis
Production scheduling optimization
Work task allocation
This service is provided on site at the respective facilities also, in case of process confidentiality required by the client organization.
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