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SNIC, India believes in applying continuous Improvement to its own processes by following the DMAIC approach. Before the start of any Engagements, the team ensures that the results will benefit the client Organizations.
SNIC, India at minimal service charges requests each and every client organization to undergo a 1-3 day assessment period, allowing the consulting engineer(s) to understand the requirements in specific, aiding us to provide our services in the most efficient manner.
After the Assessment and acceptance of the project proposal, Engineers at SNIC, India
Define the problem
Defining a specific problem or obstacle area, brings in clarity also in the minds of the employees of the client organization, understanding the severity of the problem. This phase integrates training on requirement to the client organization for becoming process owners of the concepts, tools and techniques being initiated.
Data Phase
Data is crucial in validating the problem defined by using cutting edge tools, techniques and software applications. Data collection also aids in inculcating perspectives in the minds of the client organization personnel by involving themselves in the engagement process.
Hypothesis Generation
Analysis and alternatives generated by applying specific brainstorming, tools, techniques and applications give the outcome of the engagement which is either quantitative or qualitative based on the area of the engagement.
Results, Conclusions, recommendations, identified process owners and action plan for Implementation are then presented to the decision makers.
Process owners take up the project for implementation in their respective areas bringing out the improvements. Consulting engineers from SNIC, India supervise or hands hold the client organization during the implementation process.
Control and Sustain
Client Organization personnel and process owners are given checklists to perform periodically to control and sustain their improvements. Audits on request are performed by SNIC, India to maintain sustainability and control of Improvements done.