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Preactor production scheduling software can be run either stand-alone or to enable other complementary software that does not have full finite capacity scheduling or sequencing capabilities. For example most ERP systems use infinite capacity to generate plans, but, where there is a finite capacity capability, it does not take into account the full intricacies of your process such as operator and tooling constraints or sequence dependent changeover times. Linked with Preactor, your current ERP system can be become capacitated ERP.
There is also a documented case study evidence of how Preactor production scheduling software can save you money.
15-20% improvement in productivity - get more from what you have.
40-50% reduction in raw materials inventory - synchronize purchasing with an achievable production schedule.
40-50% improvement in make-span time - reduce WIP that slows down batch flow.
50-90% improvement in customer service - increase on-time deliveries.
Return on Investment measured in weeks not years.
SNIC INDIA is partners to Preactor software India Pvt. Ltd. being responsible for understanding client requirements and effectively implementing the software at the client facility.
SNIC INDIA ensures effective usage of the software and ROI within weeks of installation to the client.