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White Papers from Manufacturing, Service, Healthcare, Construction, Distribution & Logistics and Call Centers are available on request. The following are sample case studies executed by SNIC, India.
Case study 1:
Our client was facing an obstacle of shop floor efficiencies going up and down in volatility. As part of a global WCM initiative, our client wanted to Initiate Lean Management systems. On Assessment of the company, SNIC, India found that base line measures using Industrial Engineering fundamentals need to be in place for the company to take the road of being a WCM facility.
SNIC, India established base line measures carrying out Method Study, Video Time Study, Work Sampling, Ergonomic Improvements, Layout Improvements, and Value Stream Mapping.
As the client had more number of very small activities to be performed, the accuracy level of 1/1000 of a second in the time pro software cum video coverage time study was very useful to capture the data precisely. The client started using the time study data, fixed new targets based on the same and was able to achieve around 7% raise in the manpower efficiency within a year. The ergonomics study conducted by SNIC, India was useful in changing certain layouts and improved not only the productivity, but also the comfort level of people in the form of changed chairs and tools & accessories arrangements. The work sampling study gave a good input to find the time wasted on non production activities. Based on this, the client changed certain activities like changing the breakfast timings and places for tea time. This reduced the amount of non production activities up to 5% and improved atmosphere by avoiding unwanted discussions between people. Based on the lean training, the client had the chance to learn the concept and implement the Value Stream Mapping for certain products and got reduction in the manufacturing throughput time up to 10%.