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Upcoming training dates announced:
Batch 1 : 29th May- 1st Jun 2017
Batch 2 : 5th Jun- 8th Jun 2017
The educating of new users and the research conducted with Arena simulation software is invaluable to us. This is one reason why SNic India will continue to offer Arena Training to academic users at a significant discount.
Rockwell Automation's Educational version of Arena provides a valuable teaching tool to universities and colleges by introducing lecturers & students to the principles of simulation.
Features of Arena Educational Edition include:
Creating simulation models
Data integration and model customization
Running simulations
Viewing results and making decisions
Arena Visual Designer
This 4-day course on Arena is taught by experienced Arena Simulation Consultants and consists of lectures, examples, and hands-on workshops.
Courses and dates for classes taught are listed below; courses are limited to 15 participants and are scheduled from 9:30 am until 6:30 pm daily.
Day 1
Begins with an introduction to theory on statistics with workshop problems. Next will be the introduction to simulation where you will view these fundamentals in examples model, so that by the end of a single day, you will have achieved your first successful application of simulation.
Day 2
Introductions to Arena Software where you will get to know the basic of Arena with all its features and exercise model building.
Using Arena's integrated tools and flowchart modeling environment, you'll build a graphically animated model, select appropriate distributions from empirical data, and perform a statistical analysis of model results.
Day 3 and 4
The fundamentals presented on Day2 are extended into areas such as modeling complex decision logic, and using Arena's built-in material handling system constructs. Animation and analysis concepts are incorporated throughout the course to reinforce the importance of these aspects of the successful use of simulation.
* After the training course, participants will have the opportunity to interact with our consultants and get help to jumpstart projects.
Participants advised to carry their personal laptop for a better understanding of the system.
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